Oct 9, 2012

Are You An Entrepreneur ?

Think you got what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur? If you do -  the one thing I know holds true of all entrepreneurs is they have what it takes to succeed. You need to be passionate, military grade self-discipline, and an impenetrable backbone combined with an unwavering confidence in yourself and your business. Nobody is born with these traits and realistically you'll need to invest time and energy in gaining these and other traits.

What kind of entrepreneur are you?

  • Young
  • Old
  • Experienced 
  • Inexperienced 
  • Technology-Inclined
  • Service-Oriented     

 Are Good Leaders Made or Born?
Let's do something fun for this post. I want you to take the survey below, tell me if you agree, disagree, or needs improvement - leave your results in the comments section (answer honestly).

Desire and Passion:

I have a fervent drive to succeed and zeal for the tasks required.

I have stamina to tackle problems.

Ability to Thrive on Uncertainty:
I can prosper in an environment with many questions and few answers.

Determination and Resiliency:
I can hang on through hard times and recover quickly.

I take full responsibility for my own success.  


I can convincingly communicate with others - employees, vendors, bankers, clients.

I do the necessary tasks to succeed whether pleasant or unpleasant.

I believe that I can solve any problem headed my way.

Social Responsibility: 

I am motivated to share success and wealth by giving back.

I deal with honesty and integrity.

Problem Solving:
I have the ability to anticipate and troubleshoot problems.

I connect with others to build strategic relationships.

Market Awareness:

I can assess my potential needs and gaps within the marketplace.

Low Support Needs:
I need little support from others.

Business Knowledge: 
I have a foundation for making effective, profitable business decisions.

Good People Judgement:

I know how to pick the right people to help execute my vision.

Complete your Entrepreneur Quiz by answering these two questions in your own words.
  • What is your primary reason for wanting to start a company?
  • What is your biggest obstacle in starting your own company?

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p.s. don't forget to checkout Shark Tank on ABC ...learn from their mistakes

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